Responsible products

Sequana is a responsible company that is not only committed to making and distributing paper that respects the environment but also to helping its customers choose the most responsible and durable solutions.

The definition of eco-friendly paper products developed by Sequana in 2013 is simple and transparent for stakeholders, and takes into account the two biggest environmental impacts of paper throughout its lifecycle: the use of raw materials and the manufacturing process.

The requirements associated with these impacts correspond to internationally recognised standards:

  • at least FSC®-certified or PEFC-certified and at best 100% recycled using post-consumer recycled fibres.
  • at least ISO 14001-certified (environmental management system) and at best the European Ecolabel®.

Benefits of recycled paper

Using recycled paper helps to reduce environmental impacts. Manufacturing recycled paper consumes relatively few natural resources and helps to:

  • Reduce the use of virgin fibres, thereby reducing pressure on forests,
  • Use less energy than needed to produce  virgin pulp (50% less); and
  • Divide by 3 the water needs in manufacturing processes.

Recycled paper also reduces emissions of greenhouse gases:

  • Producing recycled paper actually generates between 20% and 50% less CO2 emissions than paper produced from virgin fibres over the entire lifecycle.
  • Because waste paper is usually collected fairly near to recycling plants, manufacturing recycled paper reduces CO2 emissions linked to transport.

Lastly, recycling paper reduces the volume of waste to be incinerated or landfilled, while also helping to boost the local economy through the collection and sorting of waste paper.

To help customers consume more responsibly on the basis of enlightened information, Antalis and Arjowiggins provide an eco-calculator on their websites to calculate the carbon footprint of recycled products.

Antalis’ Green Connection program

To help its customers favour responsible consumption, Antalis has developed the Green Connection programme, a specific eco-friendly product and services programme, including:

  • Green White paper providing concrete advice on how companies can integrate paper into their sustainable development strategy
  • Recycled product catalogue
  • Video “Did you know?” that tackles preconceived ideas about paper
  • Green Star System for rating all paper products from one to five stars depending on their eco credentials


In Antalis’ Green Star System, products are considered eco-friendly when rated three or more stars.
Antalis’ product offering includes:

30% of the products with 3 stars

40% with 4 stars

5% with 5 stars

Calculate your environmental footprint


The nature of the products sold presents minimal hazard for the health and safety of customers. Arjowiggins and Antalis have set up specific procedures to comply with the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

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