Water and discharges

Sound water stewardship is essential to prevent pollution, particularly at Arjowiggins’ mills. In order to ensure the quality of the released wastewater, a single or dual wastewater treatment(1) plant (WWTP) is installed at each mill. The WWTPs collect the effluents, and depurate them in successive steps (settling, physiochemical treatments, biofiltration as needed), before releasing the treated wastewater back into the natural environment without any risk of pollution.

Twice-daily calculations are carried out to measure all key indicators of water quality. These indicators are checked regularly by local authorities; the measurements enable the Group to assume its full responsibility and commitment to the protection of natural environments, over and beyond regulatory compliance.

Nearly 11 million cubic metres of treated water were released in the natural environment in 2017 out of 12 million cubic metres used, i.e. over 91%.

  1. Physiochemical or physiochemical and biological