In a globalised and diversified sourcing market, Sequana is committed to guaranteeing full transparency about the origin of the fibres used in its products. The Group has developed a policy of responsible sourcing for paper-based materials, paper pulp and cotton-based products, in order to improve its control over the supply chain and increase the proportion of sustainable materials in its products. Dedicated procedures – Antalis’ centralised on-line suppliers platform, Arjowiggins’ annual questionnaire for pulp and cotton suppliers – have been implemented to ensure the traceability of all products sold by the Group and the sustainability of materials sourced from its suppliers.

Environmental certifications

In all of its businesses, Sequana is committed to supporting its customers in their sustainable approach, and offers eco-friendly products and services as well as chain-of-custody guarantees.


Certification of Arjowiggins and Antalis sites (%) as at 31 December 2017(1)

FSC (2) ISO 9001 ISO 14001 (3) ISO 50001  OHSAS 18001
Arjowiggins  100% 92% 100% 38% 100%
Antalis 100%  57% 32% 3/93 37%
  1. Data calculated based on a scope of 93 of Antalis’ biggest distribution centres and 16 Arjowiggins mills.
  2. FSC® certifications of sites which guarantee respect for environmental, social and economic criteria along the chain of custody. All Arjowiggins’ sites are FSC®-certified. Antalis has embarked on a multi-site FSC® and PEFC certification process.
  3. ISO 14001 certification attests to the Group’s commitment to environmental management based on continuous performance enhancement.

Product certifications of Arjowiggins Graphic and Antalis

  • FSC® (1) certification
  • European Ecolabel certification of the products monitored by the EU Commission, guaranteeing that the certified paper has a very small carbon footprint.
  • Blue Angel certification guaranteeing the exclusive use of recycled fibres, without the use of optical brighteners.
  • Nordic Swan certification, official eco-label used in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
  1. Forest Stewardship Council.

Antalis’ on-line platform

Antalis has set up an on-line platform in 2013 compiling all data and documents related to its suppliers’ mill certifications, compliance with fundamental corporate guidelines (i.e. labour law, environmental protection, social commitment) and product conformity.

This platform provides for enhanced control over the supply chain, customer guarantee of full product compliance, and consolidated relations with suppliers. End of 2017, it addresses:

More than 256 suppliers

Around 2,200 products

510 sites

5,300 compliance documents

All suppliers sourcing their materials from forestry areas that are potentially at risk.

EU Timber Regulation

EU Timber Regulations aim to ban all illegally harvested timber and timber products – and these include pulp and paper – from the European Union. They do not cover recycled or printed products such as books, magazines and newspapers. As both an operator and distributor, Sequana is fully committed to sustainable forest stewardship and sourcing of fibres, and endeavours to provide its stakeholders with guarantees of strict compliance with this EU regulation.

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