Considering people, making a difference ‘on the ground’

Programme de la soirée de gala d’Amnesty international.

[excerpt]Sequana operates in more than 45 countries where it also supports actions in favour of education, health and culture. Its commitment to the local communities in the countries in which it is present can be seen in its many initiatives designed to respond to the needs of the local populations.[/excerpt]

Arjowiggins, paper that makes a difference

Arjowiggins is a committed company with a sense of solidarity and donates paper to children’s rights charities such as ‘Enfance Majuscule’, and ‘Aide à l’Enfant Réfugié’, as well as Amnesty International and the Paris Committee of the League against Cancer.
These charities use the paper supplied by Arjowiggins to create invitations to fundraising gala evenings which are an important source of funds for these organizations.


Antalis, a committed partner

Antalis is an international company which privileges relations with local players and develops partnerships with national bodies whose programs and actions mainly concern culture, education and health. Antalis sponsored actions by donating paper to various associations that help chidren. Antalis also get involved in initiatives around health such as breast cancer or child wealfare.