Sequana’s strategy involves gradually refocusing its business activities on the paper distribution sector where it is the European market leader with Antalis, and refocusing Arjowiggins on specialty papers. The corporate strategy is backed by four key priorities.

Focusing the Group on the most dynamic market segments

For several years now, Sequana has been expanding on high-growth and more profitable market segments, by:

  • accelerating the expansion of Antalis in the growing and high value segments of Packaging and Visual Communication,
  • refocusing Arjowiggins on the recycled and specialty paper markets.


Contributing to the consolidation of the paper distribution market

Sequana generates over three fourths of its sales in paper distribution. Its strategy involves continuing to participate in the necessary consolidation of the printing paper market, in particular to retain a positive size effect and develop synergies to consolidate the leadership of Antalis in Europe.

Improving efficiency and operational performance

In order to enhance its operational profitability and deleverage its debt, the Group strives in both of its businesses to reduce its cost base and working capital requirements, while retaining a premium service level.

Priority to innovation and customer service

Sequana regards customer service and innovation as key success factors of differentiation and value creation, both in distribution and production.

Antalis places customer excellence at the heart of its sales organisation and supports its customers’ development via innovative initiatives, such as in digital printing or eco-friendly papers.

Arjowiggins makes a difference by capitalising on product innovation and added value to boost the power of its brands and foster customer loyalty over the long term.