How to become a shareholder?

Shareholding methods

Sequana shares can be held under two methods:

Bearer format

The Bearer form enables shareholders to consolidate all of their portfolio securities into a single account and simplify their stock exchange arbitrage transactions.

Their shares are deposited with a financial intermediary who alone knows the shareowners’ identity. Accordingly, the shareholders do not personally receive any convening notice prior to the General Shareholders Meetings of the company.

Registered format

Registered shareholding enables shareholders to benefit from a personalised, direct service, as Sequana knows the identity of all its registered shareholders, and to be formally convened to each General Shareholders’ Meeting.

  • If you opt for the pure registered format, you must contact BNP Paribas Securities Services who will manage your shares. You will not be charged any custody fees for the custody of your shares in a securities account.
  • If you opt for the administered registered format, you may contact the financial intermediary of your choice. Your shares will be registered in an account held by BNP Paribas Securities Services but managed by your intermediary

Purchase of Sequana shares

Pure registered format: you may contact the securities department of BNP Paribas Securities Services handling the management of Sequana registered shares, whose contact information is shown below:

BNP Paribas Securities Services
Investor Relations
9 rue du Débarcadère – 93500 Pantin – France
Tel: + 33 826 109 119

Administered registered or bearer format: you must contact the financial intermediary of your choice. Your shares will be deposited in your securities account open with this intermediary (e.g. bank, brokers, etc.).

Benefits of registered shareholding

Opting for registered share ownership means that you will automatically receive the convening notices for all General Shareholders Meetings.

Pure registered shareholders also benefit from:

  • custody and management fees free of charge,
  • double voting right for each share registered to the same shareholder for at least two years.

If you wish to convert your Sequana shares into pure registered form, just send a written request to your financial intermediary who will carry out the necessary formalities with BNP Paribas Services Securities.

Your financial intermediary may charge you financial fees for this transaction.