Annual General Meeting

How does one participate in Sequanas’ General Shareholders’ Meeting?

Each shareholder has the right to attend the shareholders’ meeting if his/her shares are registered, either in the accounts kept by the company or in the accounts kept by authorized intermediaries, in his/her name or in the name of the intermediary registered on his/her behalf at midnight C.E.T. on the second business day preceding the meeting. For shareholders holding registered shares, this registration allows them to attend the meeting.

Moreover, the convocation which is sent to them also includes a form to request an admission card for the meeting facilitating their entrance, to give power of attorney to the President or any other person of his choice and to cast their vote by mail. It is also accompanied by a form to request delivery of documents and information, text of the proposed resolutions and earnings for the last five years.

Shareholders holding bearer shares must contact their financial intermediary in order to request, as the case may be, an admission card for the meeting which will have to be handled at the entrance or a form for voting by proxy or by correspondence.

Documents for the 2017 General Shareholders’ Meeting (only in French)

Résultat du vote des résolutions de l’assemblée générale du 6 juin 2017

Report on Sequana’s Combined Annual Shareholders Meeting of 6 June 2017

Le montant global des versements effectués en application des 1 et 4 de l’article 238 bis du CGI

Le montant global des 5 meilleures rémunérations 2016

Liste des actions nominatives de parrainage et de mécénat

Nombre total de droits de vote et d’actions au 1er mai 2017

Formulaire de vote par correspondance Assemblée Générale 2017

Avis de réunion assemblée générale du 6 juin 2017

Consult archives of previous General Shareholders’ Meetings