New additions to Image – Antalis’ range of office papers

Antalis has always sought to design innovative products using cutting-edge printing technologies that meet the highest environmental standards. Now, its Image range has been further enhanced by three new references: Image Indigo, Image DigiColor and Image Recycled.

Image Indigo and Image Digicolor – part of a range usually designed for end customers – offer new solutions to printers, reprographers and businesses boasting in-house digital printing capacities, while Image Recycled also allows businesses to print all of their communication media on 100%-recycled paper with EU Ecolabel certification.


Coala, a new digital European product range

Visual Communication is a top priority for Antalis. That is why Antalis has launched a new European range of flexible eco friendly media for Large Format Printing (LFP) in order to strengthen its foothold in this market.
Named Coala, the collection contains substrates adapted to all types of ink for both indoor and outdoor applications including a broad range of papers, self-adhesives, banners, textiles, wallpapers and other innovative media.

Partnering digital printing

Antalis has launched its d2b (digital to business) initiative, designed to help customers harness the full potential of digital printing. As part of the French d2b launch, the group organised a “tour de France” around nine major cities in late 2011 in partnership with HP Indigo and Canon that brought together over 500 players from the digital technology sector.
Antalis also used these occasions to present its Digigreen, 100% digital and 100% green range. This innovative approach will be rolled out to other European countries in 2012.

Antalis’ Environmental Labelling Experiments

Having been the sole reams distributor to be selected by the Ministry of Sustainable Development on the basis of a voluntary bid, starting in the autumn of 2011, Antalis implemented a multi-criteria display scheme for two of its ranges of office paper.

For this first experimental label, Antalis has selected four criteria that are now displayed on the ream:

  • The greenhouse effect (using a CO2 equivalent)
  • The depletion of non-renewable natural resources (in reserve, per person)
  • Water consumption (in litres)
  • The fibre origin (% certified and/or recycled)

By participating in this experiment that is fully consistent with its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Antalis aims to test the clarity, understanding and impact of the label message among consumers.

For more information on environmental signage:

A Commitment to Sustainable Development

To kick off its ‘green’ initiative and unite its employees around a common project, Antalis decided to take part in the Sustainable Development Week. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, this week focuses on mobilizing all stakeholders and informing the general public.

To this end, three thematic activities were proposed in various locations in France. At headquarters, the Recyclivre program allowed employees to give new life to their books: they were sold to benefit various activities related to education, especially literacy.

In Morocco, the Olive Trees of Hope

While 2011 was proclaimed International Year of the Forest by the UN General Assembly, Antalis joined the Pur Project association, through Green Days, a selection of its best products in terms of the environment, in an operation having as a goal to plant olive trees in the Rif Valley, in Morocco.

This environmental project with critical added value is fully aligned with Antalis’ policy for sustainable development. The project enables 350 women in this poor and remote area to work and gain independence through the cultivation of olive trees and oil processing. Commercialized through a fair trade process by Alter Eco, the oil is an organic product, from certified organic farming. The initiative was developed by Pur Project, an association dedicated to climate protection by means of reforestation and communitarian forest conservation, which was created by Tristan Lecomte, founder of Alter Eco.

Antalis Has Signed a New Line of Packaging Machines

With the launch of its new range of Masterline packaging machines in the European market, Antalis Packaging has taken an important step regarding its international development.

The range offers seven new packaging machines that complement an already fine palette of packaging equipment offerings.

Olin, the Choice of an Exceptional Paper for a Magazine Event

Launched in 2010, the range of premium offset papers by Antalis was chosen for the fourth edition of the international Some/Things magazine. This upscale magazine is printed in 2000 copies and sold in trendy fashion boutiques, concept stores and book stores. Each issue is dedicated to a specific concept: its fourth edition was dedicated to whiteness, light and transparency, and placed special emphasis on architecture and space. Therefore, the magazine naturally selected the Olin paper, because of its whiteness, excellent quality and exceptional feel.

Image is everything

Launched in the second half of 2009, Image is the key brand of office paper supply of Antalis. It will distriibuée in 25 European countries and in Singapore, (more…)


Masterline range includes various packaging products such as stretch film and polystyrene chips Calg. In 2009, Antalis has launched the adhesive packaging in Europe under the new brand equity. (more…)