Arjowiggins, a paper expertise channelled towards innovation

logo-arjowigginsThe world’s leading producer of technical and creative papers, Arjowiggins has operations in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. In these markets, innovation is the key factor of competitiveness and differentiation. Therefore the strategy at Arjowiggins is to constantly invest in research and development to be able to offer its customers high value added products and solutions.
With more than 4,000 employees and 19 plants around the world, Arjowiggins generated pro forma sales of €1 billion in 2014.

A predominant activity in specialty paper

Arjowiggins produces specialty paper which represents three thirds of its sales as well as standard coated and non-coated paper. It is organised into three divisions.

Arjowiggins Graphic (graphic and specialty paper),

Premium 100% recycled pulp before drying

produces standard coated and uncoated paper and recycled paper for printed communication, recycled pulp, specialty paper for niche markets (playing cards, transfer paper, tissue, etc.). It also provides the medical and hospital sector with sterile packaging for the protection of disposable medical instruments (needles, compresses, gowns, etc.) as well as sterilised sealing and wrapping solutions to protect reusable medical equipment for use in operating theatres (scalpels, forceps, etc.).


Arjowiggins Creative Papers,

Sequana – Metier Arjowiggins - Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Conquerors’ campaign

produces paper for an extremely wide range of applications such as business stationery, corporate communication, advertising and promotion, luxury packaging and bookbinding, and specialty products (technical drawing, packaging, office supplies), paper for printed electronics applications (packaging, RFID tags) and secure payment solutions (cheques, vouchers).



Arjowiggins Security,

makes high value added products and solutions for papers money, proof-of-identity documentation (ID cards, passports, driving licence, etc.) and solutions to fight against illicit trade and counterfeiting, as well as brand protection solutions.
Finally, the division also produces water-resistant, synthetic paper, with or without security features.