Sequana Antalis La Distrubution Brainstore

Brainstore (Showroom for clients)

Advice and expertise

Guiding business clients in choosing the communication materials best suited to their production needs is the primary function of a distributor’s sales force. Each expert must inform clients on the technical specifications of a given paper, how to store it, how it is transformed and so on.

Procurement and storage

Logistics management and Delivery

Procurement policy involves selecting suppliers, ensuring that the distributor has a wide range of products and negotiating the best possible prices.

Shipping and delivery

To ensure timely delivery, a distributor needs a strategically located main warehouse (for easy access) and an extensive distribution network, including an adequate number of available vehicles (e.g. lorries, taxis).
Client productivity depends heavily on delivery quality. Next-day delivery anywhere in the country and twicedaily deliveries in certain large urban areas are now standard industry practice.