World presence


Global presence

Antalis holds leading positions in the European merchanting market which generates 91% of its sales including 12% in Eastern European countries. Outside Europe, it also holds strong positions in Asia, South Africa and South America. These regions, which represent 9% of its sales, constitute growth areas for the group with a contribution in terms of profitability that is more than twice as large as their contribution in terms of sales. Its global presence and balanced geographic footprint in the European paper distribution market enables it to spread its risks and to benefit from potential growth in the emerging markets.

Local presence

Antalis benefits from both an international dimension and a strong local presence. This proximity to its customers is crucial in order to meet their needs and develop a strong commercial relationship. This is essential for meeting customer needs and developing lasting commercial ties. Its local presence is underpinned by a hands-on sales approach adapted to the specific characteristics and profile of each customer, bringing tailored solutions and efficient customer relationship management.

2014 sales breakdown by geographic area