Acting for Sustainable Solutions

As part of its sustainable development policy, Arjowiggins Graphic actively participates in the reflection and debate of issues related to environmental preservation. The company participated once more in the 2011 Global Conference, held in Evian in late September. This forum focused on research and application of sustainable solutions, and it mobilised more than 600 major sustainable development players from some forty countries.

A Commitment to Sustainable Development

To kick off its ‘green’ initiative and unite its employees around a common project, Antalis decided to take part in the Sustainable Development Week. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, this week focuses on mobilizing all stakeholders and informing the general public.

To this end, three thematic activities were proposed in various locations in France. At headquarters, the Recyclivre program allowed employees to give new life to their books: they were sold to benefit various activities related to education, especially literacy.

PictureTM thread : two innovations, one security thread

With the launch of PictureTM thread at the 2011 Singapore Currency Conference, Arjowiggins Security once again displayed the full range of its innovation capabilities in security solutions for banknote paper.
This is the first security thread to allow the creation of more sophisticated images in different shades of grey and it represents a major step in the battle against counterfeiting.
PictureTM thread was used commercially for the first time in May 2011 on Kazakhstan’s 1,000 tenge banknote and this is also the first time a 6mm-wide thread has been used on banknotes.
This new product consolidates both the division’s position and its ability to stay one step ahead of the market.

‘Green Class’ for Arjowiggins Graphic

Since 13 April, as part of a partnership between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Voluntary Associations and DPA (Deyrolle pour l’Avenir), all classes of the last two years of primary school in the Rouen educational district have been receiving a series of 10 educational posters, visually attractive learning tools about sustainable development. Arjowiggins supports this initiative, which by 2012 should be extended to seven other educational districts in France.

Printed on Cyclus paper, chosen for its very small environmental footprint, the posters feature topics related to sustainable development (pollination, sustainable development, responsible actions…). One poster specifically addresses the paper cycle, teaching younger generations simple paper recycling actions, while stressing their importance for preserving forest resources.

The Blank Sheet Project: Creativity as an Important Vehicle for Change

Arjowiggins Creative Paper launches the Blank Sheet Project to raise awareness of the impact caused by paper production on the planet.

In the coming months, this platform for creative inspiration will allow four designers to share their approach to the blank page when asked the following question: ‘How will we leave our mark?’ The first to take part in this exercise is the British graphic designer and typographer Neville Brody.

For the second year around in early September, in Zurich, this project was held together with the One Young World Summit, nicknamed ‘Young Davos’. Arjowiggins Creative Papers sponsored seven youth delegates to the Summit and offered the possibility for these future leaders from around the world to communicate their ideas on a huge wall of Conqueror paper.