Improving the de-inking process for printed documents

In 2011, Arjowiggins Graphic partnered with Hewlett Packard to improve the de-inking process for documents printed on HP Indigo and HP inkjet digital web presses, which lag significantly behind standard printed documents in terms of recycling.
This mission has been accomplished thanks to pioneering technologies developed at the Greenfield (France) recycled pulp plant for recycling documents printed on HP Indigo with a liquid toner and HP Inkjet with a solid toner. This helps to divert waste from landfills at the end of the products’ useful lives.

Partner of Contemporary Art at the FIAC

For its third consecutive year, the Group continues its policy of cultural patronage by building on a partnership with the prestigious International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC).

The catalogue; a book on the fair’s history, entitled Aux Tuileries; and the VIP guides are printed on graphic and creative papers. At this event, Arjowiggins Creative Papers will launch in France its new Keaykolour range (11 new vibrant colours, a wider choice of grammages and strong environmental credentials). It will also present artwork created by the artist and designer Ian Wright, who collaborated with this project.

In Morocco, the Olive Trees of Hope

While 2011 was proclaimed International Year of the Forest by the UN General Assembly, Antalis joined the Pur Project association, through Green Days, a selection of its best products in terms of the environment, in an operation having as a goal to plant olive trees in the Rif Valley, in Morocco.

This environmental project with critical added value is fully aligned with Antalis’ policy for sustainable development. The project enables 350 women in this poor and remote area to work and gain independence through the cultivation of olive trees and oil processing. Commercialized through a fair trade process by Alter Eco, the oil is an organic product, from certified organic farming. The initiative was developed by Pur Project, an association dedicated to climate protection by means of reforestation and communitarian forest conservation, which was created by Tristan Lecomte, founder of Alter Eco.

The Pop’Set Event

As part of its strategy for continuous innovation, Arjowiggins Creative Papers has expanded its Pop’Set range adding 8 new colours with a surprising chromatic intensity. The range has now 31 colours, all 30% recycled.

At the time of this launch, Arjowiggins Creative Papers created the Pop’Set event by inviting designers around the world to participate in the Colours’ Attack Contest. Their challenge: using the Pop’Set papers, designers were to imagine their version of the C-Myk paper toy created by Japanese designer Shin Tanaka.

Over 160 C-Myks were submitted to the brand’s site by amateurs as well as by designers and artists of international renown. Early July 2010, an exhibition of the best creations took place in London and the C-Myks were sold to benefit UNESCO’s Recognition of Excellence for Handicrafts programme.

Antalis’ Environmental Labelling Experiments

Having been the sole reams distributor to be selected by the Ministry of Sustainable Development on the basis of a voluntary bid, starting in the autumn of 2011, Antalis implemented a multi-criteria display scheme for two of its ranges of office paper.

For this first experimental label, Antalis has selected four criteria that are now displayed on the ream:

  • The greenhouse effect (using a CO2 equivalent)
  • The depletion of non-renewable natural resources (in reserve, per person)
  • Water consumption (in litres)
  • The fibre origin (% certified and/or recycled)

By participating in this experiment that is fully consistent with its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Antalis aims to test the clarity, understanding and impact of the label message among consumers.

For more information on environmental signage: