Financial highlights

2014 Results

[chiffre-cle chiffre=3.4]billion euros in sales[/chiffre-cle]
[chiffre-cle chiffre=124]  million euros of EBITDA[/chiffre-cle]
[chiffre-cle chiffre=72] million of Recurring Operating Income[/chiffre-cle]
[chiffre-cle chiffre=117] million euros of net income[/chiffre-cle]

2014 Sales by geographic area


Sequana makes 86% of its sales outside France

2014 Highlights

[chiffre-cle chiffre=670,000] tonnes of paper manufactured by Arjowiggins[/chiffre-cle]
[chiffre-cle chiffre=1.8] million tonnes of paper distributed by Antalis[/chiffre-cle]