Sequana’s history dates back to the creation of the Maison Worms in 1848, a diversified holding company. 1999 was the next key milestone in the birth of Sequana Group, with the buyout of Arjomari Prioux by Worms & Cie. The Group then gradually refocused on paper to become a pure player on the market in 2007 with Arjowiggins and Antalis.

  • Acquisition of MAP by Antalis who became the leading paper distributor in Europe.

  • Arjowiggins acquired Greenfield, a producer of premium recycled paper pulp

    Adoption of the corporate name Sequana

    Transformation plan refocusing on distribution and production for specialty markets

  • Disposal of non-strategic or loss-making assets at Arjowiggins (Decor China, carbonless copy papers) and at Antalis (promotional products)

  • Sale of Decor, Abrasives, Thin Opaque and Fine Arts paper businesses at the mills of Arches (France) and Dettingen (Germany) to the Munksjö Group

    Sale of Antalis’ Office Supplies business

  • Closure of three Arjowiggins mills (Argentina, Denmark, UK)

    Antalis acquired four packaging distributors (Germany, Chile, Czech Republic, UK)

    Signature of the UN Global Compact by Sequana, Antalis and Arjowiggins

    Bpifrance Participations (formerly FSI) became Sequana’s majority shareholder

  • Antalis acquired Xerox’s office paper distribution business in Western Europe

    Closure of Ivybridge mill (UK)

    Sale of Casting Papers business to the Favini Group

  • Industrial restructuring plan intended to reduce significantly Arjowiggins’ exposure to the commodities segment and improve the competitiveness of the Creative Papers Division

    Financial restructuring of the Group intended to enable Arjowiggins to fund its transformation plan and Antalis to pursue its external growth strategy

    Disposal of Appleton Coated (USA)

  • Sale of Arjo Wiggins Ltda (Brazil) to the Fedrigoni Group

    Accelerated expansion of Antalis with the acquisition of 6 packaging distributors (UK, Scandinavia, Estonia)

    Sale of 85% stake in Arjo Systems and Arjowiggins Solutions to the Impala Group

    Impala Group acquires a 20% equity stake in Sequana